Air Conditioning for Home and Business


Air Conditioning is essential, especially when you live in Mackay. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the average temperature sits at around 30 °C in summer.


Add the extreme humidity on top of the heat and you’ve got yourself a scorching summer! So why suffer in silence when air conditioning installation is just a call away?

Mr Energy will make air conditioning installation a quick and painless experience; with years of expertise and air conditioner know how, you will be controlling your climate in no time at all!

We offer air conditioning packages, meaning that the cost of the air conditioner and installation are combined into one low price. We are committed to an honest and transparent billing process, meaning that you get exactly what you pay for.

Mr Energy's air conditioning installers are all qualified electricians and have installed air conditioners in variety of homes including single and double storey properties. Our wide range of experience means that you can be assured of quality workmanship and timely completion.

Why Mr Energy?


Mr Energy is a Mackay-based company with extensive air conditioning installation experience.

We will help you choose the right package for your property and ensure it’s the most energy efficient option for your home.

  • Clean Energy Council accredited

  • Specialists in residential installations

  • Personalised  service with quick response

  • Maintenance and repair service offered

Air Conditioning Installation 

Making Air-Conditioning Installation Easy with Mr Energy

If you have become impatient with desk, rooftop or table-top fans who only seem to move hot air around in a room, you should contemplate having us see to your air-conditioning installation. Since opening our doors, our team has been collecting valuable experience and indispensable knowledge to apply to our projects. 

Because we are a local business, we know how harsh the climate can be, owing to sudden changes in temperature and weather. This can be very inconvenient when running a business, as customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Not only affecting your customers, but workplaces are also home to staff members, who spend the majority of their time in a certain space. Our services help with:

  • Easy and hassle-free installations. When you require someone to install an expensive piece of equipment or several, you should have someone you can entirely rely on. We advise you to rather not take chances by attempting to install your units yourself. 

  • Maintenance and repairs. By allowing us to promote the health of your climate control units with practical maintenance jobs, we can prevent wear and damage. In the case that your unit is out of order, we can assess and repair it as well. 

  • Residential and commercial properties. We offer our services to properties of all sizes, seeing to elevated installations that might require special equipment. 


Benefits of Our Air-Conditioning Installation in Mackay

Modern Living Room

What You Should Know About Air-Conditioning Maintenance

When maintaining any type of machinery that works with electricity, moving parts and usable additions such as filters you have to make use of people who know what they are doing. If you are aware of your climate control unit’s health and operational capacity, you can drastically extend the lifetime of your unit by just maintaining it properly. Maintaining your climate control unit is beneficial because:

  • You can see to the replacement of filters that become stuffy and ineffective. When in operation, your unit constantly processes dust-laden particles that accumulate over time. This can result in you experiencing more dust allergies, as the filter can no longer block dust particles.

  • Our technicians can assess your climate control unit for defects, possible issues or small inconveniences. When you hear a rattle that is driving you insane, we can check your unit for any loose debris and ensure that you do not have to smash any remotes. 

  • Regular maintenance serves as a means of preventative maintenance, can help to detect any avoidable issues that might influence the efficiency of your unit. This also helps to extend the lifetime of your unit and limit the amount of air-conditioning repairs.

About Mr Energy 

At our company, we focus on providing affordable and professional services to all our customers, ranging from residential, commercial or rural projects. All our staff are qualified electrical contractors (Licence #87247).

For all your air-conditioning repairs in Mackay, contact us to make use of our fast and efficient team of artisans.