Why Solar Power for Your Business?


A commercial solar power system creates a cost-effective energy supply that will serve your business for years into the future. Not only is commercial solar a great way of ‘future-proofing’ your business against the rising costs of electricity, it enables you to become self-sufficient from the power grid.


Using solar power is also a better solution for the environment than using grid electricity, earmarking your business as progressive, sustainable, and green.

Commercial Solar Power Installation

Mackay’s sunny climate ensures your business will get maximum use out of a commercial solar panel installation. Your solar panels will be carefully selected after full inspection of your property; post-installation they are fully guaranteed to generate electricity even on overcast days. You may even be able to sell excess electricity back to your energy provider.

Our solar panel maintenance service keeps your panels working at maximum efficiency for optimal electricity generation. In addition, as well as commercial solar panel installation and maintenance, we provide electrical services for businesses in the Mackay area.

Why Mr Energy?


Mr Energy is a Mackay company with years of experience of installing home solar power systems. We will help you choose the right package for your property, so that you start generating your own power and saving money immediately:

  • Clean Energy Council accredited

  • Specialists in residential installations

  • Thorough appraisal and quote for FREE

  • Packages tailor-made for Mackay and the surrounding area

  • Our panels have a 25-Year Warranty

  • Personalised  service with quick response

  • Post installation we can advise on how to achieve the most from your system

  • Maintenance and repair service provided

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The first step to getting a solar power system for your business is a thorough appraisal of your premises.


We provide a range of tailor-made solar installation packages for businesses in Mackay.


With our experience and 25 -year warranty you will not be disappointed at making the change to solar power.

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