Residential Electrical Repairs & Emergency Electrical Services


Electrical problems in your home always need attention before they become serious as delays in calling a licensed electrician can lead to loss of power or worse.

Mr Energy is based in Mackay and is able to conduct emergency electrical services and electrical repairs at short notice. We will inspect your home electrics, offer proposed solutions and get the work done at affordable rates with the minimum amount of fuss. We explain what we are doing clearly and without electrician’s jargon!

Our Licensed Electrical Services

As well as electrical repairs from a licensed residential electrician in Mackay, we offer a range of services, including new installations and upgrades to existing systems, for any residential property in the city and the surrounding areas.

Our Services Include:
  • The installation of new electrical systems –solar power systems included

  • Upgrades performed to existing systems

  • Electrical repairs

  • Emergency electrical services

  • Safety inspections


With us, you will have the peace of mind that industry professionals are creating a safe, neat and efficient electrical system that will serve your home for years to come. Our electricity systems can also help you to save on monthly bill costs.

Electrician Mackay

More From This Electrician in Mackay

Are you looking for a licensed and qualified electrician in Mackay who is well-known to the locals and experienced in both residential and commercial work? We are a local, family-owned business and are fully licensed electrical contractors (Electrical Contractors Licence #87247) with diverse experience, including in the installation of energy-efficient solar systems.

We are licensed electricians who pride ourselves on our transparent work ethic. We always explain what we are doing in layman’s terms so that clients know what we are doing to their electrical system.

  • Residential. We offer the full house of services to residential clients, including new installations, safety inspections, rewiring of old installations, and fault tracing. We are available all hours for emergencies because we know how dangerous a faulty electrical system can be to the family.

  • Commercial. We understand how critical a constant and clean supply of electrical power is to any business and that downtime means loss of income. We are available to advise clients on the best options for their sometimes unique commercial power requirements, like isolated electrical systems or battery backup for crucial IT infrastructure.

  • Air Conditioning. Our long list of services also includes the installation, maintenance and repair of air-conditioning systems and units. Our qualified staff are adept at both single and double-storey installations. We always do a pre-sale inspection, so we know what the job will entail, and clients aren’t billed for additional work.

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What Sets Mr Energy Apart Regarding Electrical Services

Solar Panels

Mackay, with its sunny climate, is ideal for using solar panels to generate all the necessary electricity for use in a home, business or farm. We are experienced installers of solar systems and are accredited by the Clean Energy Council, so when you contract us, you can be sure of the following:

  • We provide clients with several options regarding the integration of solar power into their existing electrical system and fully disclose and discuss the benefits and possible shortcomings of each brand of solar panel, options for locating the array and the need for backup power.

  • Our installations, especially for commercial clients, are designed for Mackay and is guaranteed to provide sufficient power even on cloudy days. Our installed systems produce clean energy, so the excess may be sold back into the grid on sunny days to offset the initial installation cost.

  • Solar panels are generally low maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning with a water hose and specially formulated soap. However, the efficiency and life of the panels and system will be extended if routine checks are done by us, thereby minimising downtime by proactively replacing parts in the process of failing.

Why Solar Panels Are Cost-Effective

Mr Energy can handle everything electrical in Mackay.

We always do our own work and won’t subcontract just because we are too busy for you. Contact us for a free assessment on any residential or commercial job or if you want to discuss how you can benefit from the installation of solar panels.