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The key to all your energy needs is right above the roof of your house! Solar panels can supply enough power to meet your energy needs & save you money.


The next time electricity prices rise, your business doesn’t have to cringe – we can help convert your business to solar. Bring your business into the future.


Panels are low maintenance once installed; however it is best to have them checked a few times a year to clear dirt or debris that can affect their performance.



Solar Panel Installation 

Save Money With a Solar Panel Installation 

Solar energy has become a priority for governments and large corporations around the world in recent years. The primary goal is to produce clean energy without producing harmful emissions in the production of electricity. Harnessing the sun’s natural energy to power up appliances and other elements around a building reduces operation costs which frees up cash flow for reinvestment. Residential property owners have noticed the value that solar panel installation offers, which is why more people are embracing solar power. Mr Energy Pty Ltd is a reputable local electrician that can advise and assist you with solar services.


Benefits of Solar Power Installation

Certain countries such as Australia and America receive above-average sunshine throughout the year. The sun generates energy which we can use to create electricity that can power up the majority of electrical appliances. Having an almost endless supply of UV rays in the country makes the installation of Mackay solar panels highly beneficial to businesses and homeowners. 

  • The main reason why most people embracing solar power is that it contributes to reducing your energy bills. By producing your own electricity through solar panels, you eliminate your reliance on the grid. If you aren’t purchasing energy from the grid, you save money on your electricity bills. Since the sun’s energy is free and renewable, you don’t have to pay for anything other than solar panels. 

  • A common misconception suggests that installing solar panels near Mackay would require extensive aftercare, which isn’t the case. With the development of technology, the maintenance of solar panels is now more straightforward than ever. For this reason, manufacturers are offering more extended warranties, which means you don’t have to inspect the panels every week. Apart from saving you costs on potential repairs; you can be confident in the panels’ ability to operate efficiently. 

  • After using the energy you require for your operation or home, you can sell the excess back to the grid. Some property owners install solar panels solely to resell renewable energy from the sun. In addition to providing your community with cleaner energy, the government offers considerable tariffs for your remaining supply. Here in Queensland, you can expect anything between six to 12 c/kWh.


What To Expect From Mr Energy Pty Ltd Regarding Solar Installation  

Local businesses and homeowners trust us for the installation of their solar panels, and with good reason. 

  • We’re a reliable electrical company that offers five-star service to our commercial and residential clients. While the solar panels we supply and install can stand the test of time, our team is available to assist you with routine and urgent maintenance. 

  • Installing solar panels is a highly technical task, and we possess the necessary skills and licenses to complete this type of work. We have accreditation from the Clean Energy Council, and our electrical contractors (licence number 87247) should give you peace of mind to trust us for your solar energy needs. 

  • Whether you have a farm, house or business, we can customise a solar power solution for you. There isn’t a challenge that we haven’t overcome, and with our first-rate workmanship, we don’t see that changing. We use only the highest-quality products and the latest technology to ensure you receive solar panels that will serve you for several years. 

About Mr Energy Pty Ltd

We are a local, family-operated business and have been the go-to contractor across Mackay for the past 15 years. When it’s time to reduce your impact on the environment, our solar panel installation service will suffice. We can also take care of your general electrical requirements to ensure that you and your building is safe.


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