I Already Have Solar Panels - What Next?


One of the beauties of solar power is that it is low maintenance. Once your solar panels are installed, they tend to go on and on generating power effectively, whether blessed with the full sunny days that Mackay is renowned for, or even on cloudier days.

Like with all power systems, your solar panels will need periodic maintenance. That’s where CFP industries can follow up and provide the ongoing service that gives you continuous peace of mind and confidence in your system.

We don’t consider our job finished with installation. We want our commercial and residential customers in Mackay to continually get the most out of their systems; we provide advice on using and maintaining solar panels; and we are available for periodic maintenance visits, cleaning and, if necessary, repairs.

As already mentioned, solar panels require little maintenance because there are no moving parts, but when repairs are required, they need to be performed by accredited professionals.

Panels should be checked a few times per year for any accumulated dirt or debris, but this is sometimes a task that homeowners themselves are not well equipped for, with panels usually being on the roof.

Solar panels are generally very robust and can be cleaned with a standard garden hose, but avoid doing this when the panels are hot, as cracking could occur. You could also use an automated cleaning system if your property is in an area where regular dust and dirt will affect your panels.

Why Mr Energy?

Mr Energy is based in Mackay and we have many years of experience with solar power maintenance and installation.


We can come out quickly to you for urgent maintenance or repairs. This is especially important if your panels are in a hard-to-reach area of your property.

Keeping your panels clean and free of debris will ensure they operate at full power for you at all times:

  • Clean Energy Council accredited

  • Specialists in residential and commercial solar power maintenance

  • Personalised  service with guaranteed quick response

  • We will advise you on how to achieve the most from your system

  • Repair services also provided

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